This week we’ll be mostly making; P.50 Reversing Handles

A new batch of ‘Reversing Handles’ have arrived today from our local Investment casting guy. They will be polished to a glistening shine then sent to our chrome platers to have a bright chrome finished applied.

The original 1960s P.50s were fitted with a 49cc engine from a German moped. These engines had three forward gears and no reverse. The creators of the P.50 solved this problem in a rather nifty way, they fitted a chrome handle to the back. If the driver needed to reverse they simply got out of the vehicle, went to the back and turned the car around. The P.50 being so light that hardly any effort was required to lift the car and do turn it 180 degrees. Also as Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear showed it was also handy to carry the Peel P50 into the office.

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