Interview P.50 Kit Owner

Total Kit Car Magazine TKC, Peel P50 edition
as seen in Total Kit Car Magazine!

“We give you the parts,

You build the car!”

Cyril Cannell

Original designer of the P50

Before the P.50 was invented, Cyril Cannell and Henry Kissacks (original inventors of the Peel P50 and Trident) had envisioned a single-seater called the ‘MANX CAR’. Like it’s more famous siblings it was a three-wheeler.  At the time of it’s debut in 1955, it was said to be the smallest, lightest and safest three-wheeled car ever invented.  The Manx Car was intended to be sold in both factory built and kit form, “We give the parts, you build it!” Cyril Cannell was famously quoted saying at the time.

Unfortunately, the Manx Car never made it into production and  Henry and Cyril moved on to other more notable projects, namely the Peel P50 and Trident microcars.  Neither the P50 nor the Trident was ever sold in kit form, which we at think was a darn shame.  So, for all the fans of the P50 and Trident around the world, we’ve decided to offer our cars in kit form.

It’s our belief that the P50 and Trident are perfect as self-assembly kit cars, especially as a first build for the novice car builder.  Being mechanically simple, extremely lightweight and small by their very nature, they are a great introduction to the art of vehicle building.  Our kits come with all the key components to get your ‘World’s Smallest Car’ on the road.

All that is required are a few tools, a little garage space (as little as 6ft by 8ft area) and patience.  Approximate build time is around 50 hours start to finish.  Registering your kit once built is also more straightforward than most kit cars as in many jurisdictions they are classified as mopeds or light motorcycles.

Kit Engine Options

Your kit will fit either a 4-stroke petrol engine or a high-torque electric motor.

Petrol/Gasoline Engine Options

Our P50s & Tridents are designed to fit the ubiquitous horizontal E-22 (Honda style) 4-stroke engines up to 155cc (49cc to 125cc recommended). Most manual, semi and fully automatic electric start engines will fit.

Electric Motor Option

We can supply you with everything you need to get your electric car going including the motor, controller and batteries. If you choose to fit your own motor we are happy to provide assistance.

Please Note; any Increase in Engine displacement above 49cc or fitting a Motor with a Rated Power Output greater than 4 Kilowatts may affect Registering and Licensing your P50.