Peel P.50 sells for $100,000 at Dorotheum Auction

A Peel P.50 has fetched over $100,000 (85,000) at the Dorotheum Auction in Vienna, Austria.

The blue 1963 example, VIN D515, was one of the earliest examples to be built on the Island. It remained on the Isle of Man, until 1984 where it made it’s way to a museum in Austria where it lived until this summer.

The Auction’s description:

VIN: D515, engine: 80416/004746, Austrian individual license and English Vehicle Registration Book from 1963

In the RRR collection since 1984
In unrestored original condition
One of only 47 P50s built

Peel is a tranquil harbor town on the Isle of Man, which is best
known for a breakneck motorcycle race for those who are tired of life
. In the late 1940s, Cyril Cannell and Henry
Kissack founded Peel Engineering Ltd. there, which soon
devoted itself entirely to the new type of fiberglass and built everything possible from it: boats,
motorcycle fairings, rubbish bins and cars. In 1955 the prototype of
a 2 + 2-seater car was created, but it never went into series production. That was to
change in 1962 when the P.50, the first car built on the island, was presented.
It had three tiny wheels, an equally tiny cabin, a
headlight, a 50 cc two-wheel Union engine and just enough space
for a person, in other words, it was the smallest car in the
world. A detailed contemporary test concluded by saying: “It
proved to be all that is needed to carry one man on short journeys did
would be Either too far or too wet to walk easily.” This was actually
said it all. The P.50 cost 199 pounds, later only 178 and then 165
and still no 50 pieces were made.

The RRR-P.50 started the
journey from the island to Vienna in 1984 with its big brother Trident . It was in wonderful original condition
received, brought his original registration book and still had his
very first number. Right at the Goggomobil meeting in 1985, he
scared the 250 Goggos on the 74-kilometer journey. He also
defeated the Seiberer confidently and in the museum as well as on
occasional trips, after all he was even
approved in the new millennium , he stole
the show together with the Trident in terms of bizarre everyone else anyway.

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