Interesting Day Filming with James May and a Trident

The P50CARS team had an interesting day at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon near Banbury. We were up there with one of our electric three-wheeled Peel Trident replicas for James May to test drive in his new show ‘James May’s Cars of the People’.

It was May 2013 and James May and the BBC Top Gear team were filming segments for Mr May’s upcoming standalone series ‘Cars of the People’ (2014). The segment was to comprise of James driving our Trident along a country lane where a gang of lab coat wearing kidnappers would block his path, then lift him and the Trident into the back of an old Transit van for a swift escape.

To lift James & the Trident a team of 6 were required, there were only 4 of the Top Gear crew available so they drafted in two of the P50CARS team to help out. We were handed the classic Top Gear lab coats, and the director proceeded to explain the scene. A test run was done, with the 6 of us lifting the Trident minus Mr May into the back of the transit. That went without a hitch so it was time to do it with the cameras rolling and James onboard. Surprisingly, the Trident was easier to lift with James May inside than on its own.

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