Frequently Asked Questions

What is the resale value?

Like many sortafter classic cars the value of original P50s and Tridents has been rising exponentially, almost topping $200,000 in recent years.  Considering our vehicles are extremely rare, handmade and 100% built to order, it is no suprise that our cars have followed the same trend and increasing in value. 

The owners of our cars have enjoyed nearly the same level of resale confidence as owners of the originals, with a number receiving double their investment when they part with their beloved vehicles. Most owners have at least recouped their initial investment after enjoying years of ownership of a motoring icon.

What is the payment schedule?

Payment is made in four equal instalments. The first 1/4 payment is made upon confirmation of the order. The second 1/4 payment is made when the body goes into production. The third 1/4 payment is due when the suspension and chassis are being built. The final 1/4 instalment is made upon completion prior to delivery.

Can I collect from the factory?

If you’d like to see first hand where your P.50 was born and meet the team who made it, you can pick up your car in person from the production plant. Please note that a number of formalities and country-specific regulations have to be observed before we can hand over your new car.

How long does it take to produce?

Every car/kit is hand built at our workshop in London, England.  Over 90% of all parts are handcrafted in-house, to original designs and to the highest standards.  As such it takes between 4-6 weeks to manufacture a kit and around 8 weeks to produce a factory-built car.

Please note this is only production time and does not include waiting list time.

Do you have any used ones?

No, every car is 100% built to order at our factory in the UK.  Demand is incredibly high and production is limited.  As such only a handful of our cars have been sold by their original owners.  Nearly all have been traded between private car collectors.

I’m quite tall, will I fit in a P.50?

Yes, you probably will.

The tallest person we’ve had in one of our cars was 6ft 9” (206 cm) tall and the largest weighed over 300 lbs (136 kg).

The average person nowadays is a bit taller than back in1962, so we have increased the leg room in the P.50 by an extra 2 inches.

How close to the original P.50 are yours?

We have painstakingly recreated many of the original components as possible to create our cars.  They are as close to the original 1960s Isle of Man made P.50s and Tridents as you can get while still being street legal.  Our cars are a homage to the originals and as you can see from the picture below, it is difficult to tell which one is the original and which one is a p50cars made car.

Original Peel P50 with a P.50 Isle of Man Top Gear Blue
An original Peel P50 made on the Isle of Man in the 1960s sitting next to a made P.50

Is there a production lead time and a waiting list?

Yes, we have a waiting list, which operates on a first come first serve basis.

Our cars are becoming more and more desirable all around the world and we have a limited number of production slots a year. These get taken up very quickly and our waiting list is ever increasing.

Are your cars just made from go-kart and ATV parts?

Nope, over 95% of all parts are specifically made for our cars.  The majority of them are handcrafted by ourselves in our workshop, the rest are specially commissioned by us.  We do use a small number of standardised parts, nuts, bolts, cables and brake components, but nearly everything else that goes into our P.50 and Trident models are unique to us.

How long does it take to build a P.50 from a kit?

Build time varies depending on your mechanical competency and number of people building the P.50. But on average a person with reasonable mechanical knowledge and experience could build one in around 50 hours.