54″ – 1,370 mm


41″ – 1,040 mm


47″ – 1,200 mm


43″ – 1,090 mm

Unladen Weight:

130 lbs – 59 kg

Turning Circle:

14′ 11″ – 4,550 mm

Ground Clearance:

5″ – 127 mm

All Dimensions are exact to the original 1960’s P50.  Weight may differ depending on power plant fitted.



Fibreglass Monocoque

Wheels & Tyres:

High Speed  4.10/3.50-6 TT


Rack & Pinion

Main Brakes:

Linked All-Wheel Braking

Parking Brake:

Handbrake Acting on Rear

Front Suspension:

Independent Single-Wishbone

Rear Suspension:

Single Sided Swing Arm

Front Shocks:

Covered Coilover Shocks

Rear Shock:

Adjustable Coilover Shock

p50cars.com P50 Replica Red Top Gear UK Jeremy Clarkson P50-Replica-Black-Cab-London-Taxi replica of the 1960s Isle of Man made cars
Honda Style 49cc E22 Horizontal Engine p50cars.com P50 replica kits

Most Honda derived E22 Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Engines, with electric starts, will fit our P50 Kit Cars.

Engine Options

You can have your P50 with either a 4-Stroke Petrol Engine or a High Torque Brushless Electric Motor.  If you’d like to fit your own engine, we also supply engineless kits.

[table caption=”” tablesorter=”0″]

Engine Model:,50cc Petrol Engine,DC Electric Motor
Engine Type:,Single Cylinder 4-Stroke,Brushless Synchronous
Size/Rating:,49 cc – 3.0 cu-in,1.5 kW @ 48 Volt
Max. Power:,3.1 kW – 4.2 bhp,3.1 kW – 4.2 bhp
Max. Torque:,5.0 Nm – 3.7 lb-ft,21.1 Nm – 15.6 lb-ft
Top Speed:,65 kmph – 40 mph,65 kmph – 40 mph
Economy:,62 km/l – 145 MPG,153 km/l – 432 MPGe
Transmission: ,4 Speed Semi Auto,Direct Drive with Reverse
Fuel Capacity:,6.8 litres – 1½ Gallon,5.2 kWh largest battery
Max. Range: ,,162 km – 101 miles per charge